Hands up if you use a GPS and Waze to get anywhere new.
So wouldn’t it be great if there was a voice to tell us which way to turn and to accompany us on our economic journey to a life with financial stability, no debts, funds in place to cover emergencies, savings for retirement . . . .

It’s a challenge to achieve the lifestyle you want for your family using only your own resources, now and in the future. Some families have the tools to meet this challenge on their own. Others need outside help to get on to the right track and stay on it.

Ruth Wood Family Economics teaches individuals and families how to deal with financial challenges using practical ideas and methods developed in ‘Family Economics’.


What is Family Economics?

Family Economics is the application of common sense economic principles firstly to analyse and then improve all aspects of family monetary management.

The family learns to monitor its spending, live within its means, clear debts, set and achieve economic goals and start to accumulate savings for a brighter economic future.

What sort of problems can it help with?

  • How to live within a limited income, deal with debt and save for the future.
  • Planning to save for special family events.
  • Assessing how prepared the family is to cope with financial emergencies and unexpected expenses.
  • Evaluating the family’s provision for coping with unemployment or underemployment, disability, long term nursing care needs and retirement.

Who is it for?


Anyone who is interested in learning more about their family’s economic position, and is prepared to change their behaviour in order to improve their current situation and plan for the future.

Anyone who wants to be in control of their family’s monetary future instead of the money controlling how the family will live.

What you need:

A willingness to embrace new ideas together with motivation for change.

What you don’t need:

A background in, or knowledge of, economics or bookkeeping.

How does it work?

We begin by working out together the family’s current economic situation.

I teach the family how to create and monitor a budget.

We discuss the family’s plans for the near and more distant future and look into how prepared they are to cope with emergencies and provide for the longer term. We estimate what money will be needed for plans to be realised and for the family to be prepared for the expected and the unexpected.

We plan the family’s economic actions in the short, medium and long term with the aim of their becoming financially secure and independent.

Why come to Ruth Wood Family Economics?

Because I have the professional background and knowledge, training and experience to help . . . see more.

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